In this section, our latest Hajj packages available through our the year which is catered for all the family which are dedicated to providing the best and cheapest Hajj packages for 2019 and beyond. We aim to satisfy all your Hajj packages requirements to make your Hajj packages from London the most memorable experience in the best possible way, with best service.

We tailor all of our Hajj packages to take into account all your personal needs, from flight options to the very highest standard hotels. Our unique service means that you can get the most out of our Hajj tour packages 2019 from UK. We aim to deliver the best possible packages and the best service we can arrange in Makkah and Madinah.

5 Star Hajj Packages

5* Hajj Package Saudi Arabia

Standard Hajj Package 2019

25 Jul 2019 - 16 Aug 2019


5* Hajj Package Saudi Arabia

Standard Plus Hajj Package 2019

25 Jul 2019 - 16 Aug 2019


5* Hajj Package Saudi Arabia

Affordable Hajj Package 2019

27 Jul 2019 - 18 Aug 2019

4 Star Hajj Packages

4* Umrah Package Saudi Arabia

Full Month Ramadan 2020

26 Apr 2020 - 01 Jun 2020


Availing Best Hajj Packages 2019 for UK

Various Travel Agencies of all sorts and capitals help people in UK to get Hajj and Umrah Packages. Amongst all these Travel Agencies, Tripstudio has emerged as one of the leading Travel Agencies which assists Muslims in their accomplishment of Hajj by providing them cheap Hajj Packages, so they can go to Hajj without spending much money. Tripstudio, being in the business of providing Hajj feels honored to help its clients with this auspicious purpose. We, at Tripstudio have helped thousands of pilgrims fulfill their pilgrimage of Hajj and Umrah to the holy cities of Saudi Arabia till now. We help our clients in every way we can therefore we do our best to provide the best Travel Packages for Hajj and Umrah Tours to the holy cities of Makkah. Our well versed experts strive to see happy clients. We make sure that our clients are happy with their packages, if they don’t we make sure that we accommodate them according to their needs. Our incredible services have a guaranteed quality and through those services we make sure that we fulfill your requirements while keeping an eye on your budget concerns for Hajj in 2019. Along with that, make your tour even better by personalizing the changes you want within our designed 5-star Hajj Packages, 4-star Hajj packages and 3-star Hajj Packages from UK for 2019. Within these packages we provide the option to select the airline you prefer as well as your accommodation and other related amenities. We at Tripstudio craft combinations of comfort and class for our clients.

Economy Deals or 3-star Hajj Packages 2019

Something most people suffer while booking a package for Hajj are the budget constraints. We understand that when people visit with their families, it may cost them a lot, and a tour to Hajj, may get out of their budget. Therefore, we offer economy packages for Hajj, which are designed for families travelling from London, UK. When opting for an economy package, we highly recommend and encourage advanced booking to get low priced tickets and get decent rooms at a cheap cost. We put a lot of efforts to help you enjoy and have a great experience of Tawaaf which is around the Kaab’ah. We provide services toelp you perform other rituals of Hajj in the grounds of Arafat and help in slaughtering at Mina. For every individual, the comfort level varies. Some people want to stay for a few days, whereas some people may want to stay for a longer period. Therefore, we at Tripstudio have a lot of packages which help people choose the one they like according to their comfort level. No matter if you choose our package for 10 days, 15 days, 24 days or other. The comfort level and the quality of services would be optimum. Being one of the most Travel Agencies in, we are also verified by ATOL and the Hajj Ministry. Therefore, we promise what we can deliver to our customers.

Price-Effective or 4-star Hajj Packages 2019

We at Tripstudio have a variety of packages as you have noticed by now. All our packages are at a separate scale of affordability, have exclusive services for extreme comfort during Hajj. Our Team, which designs all our packages, keeps in mind the requirements of our customers by sorting them in large groups of people and families separately. Staying in the Travel market for many years, we are better able to negotiate with hotel and accommodation service providers in the holy cities of the Hajj Tour.    This in turn helps us to find the best hotels and services for our clients as per their requirements and needs. The hotels we have handpicked in the cities provide premium services in their respective classes. Our 4-star Hajj packages have luxury services and are particularly for those customers who have a problem in booking 5-star Hajj Packages. We deliver what we promise and our rank as a travel agency providing Hajj and Umrah Packages is testament to this statement.

Luxury Packages or 5-star Hajj Packages 2019

If you want your Hajj Package to be extremely comfortable, with all sorts of luxuries you can imagine, I would recommend you to choose one of these packages. While creating our packages, we have our eyes on the minutest details. We make sure that we make your Hajj Tour a success in every way. We recommend that you contact our experts as early as possible and mention your requirements and your concerns to create a Hajj Package. If you contact us early, it will enable our team to avoid expensive flight tickets and over booked hotels. Along with that, we can arrange your departure from the nearest airports available to your location.

The Luxurious yet cheap Hajj Packages in London

A pious Muslim in his life, does good deeds, keeps fasts, and donates generously for charity. He knows that in his life, he would have to face one of the strongest pillars of faith. He would be going on a journey which he had been waiting for a long time; a journey that would unite his physical body and his spiritual self. A Journey which would unite him with the truth – The Hajj. A Hajj is a journey which every Muslims desires to fulfill at least once in a lifetime moments of which he remembers for a lifetime. If you want to complete this Holy Pilgrimage with us, with our unique and specially crafted packages for your needs, contact our agents using the contact button above. Our Agents would provide you with specially discounted Hajj Packages, ranging from 5-star Hajj Packages to 3-star Hajj Packages. We at Tripstudio have emerged as a leading provider for Hajj Packages with great experience in handling clients from different backgrounds. With our Luxury Hajj Packages along with our cheap Hajj Packages, we aim to provide the ultimate experience of Hajj to all our clients. With the experience we gained during the years selling Hajj Packages, we understand our clients demands with ease and cater to fulfill them in every way. With our Tailor made Hajj Packages, we assure our clients that no matter what package they choose, we would work to fulfill all the demands and needs revolving around the services of that package. All our packages would be presented to you with every comfort and guidance, so you can keep your mind off any worries and enjoy your pilgrimage to Hajj for which you had been waiting for a long time.

Cheap Hajj Packages for UK 2019 by Tripstudio

When you plan for your Hajj Package from London, you would definitely want a hassle-free journey, a journey in which you can enjoy without any worries! Tripstudio with its great contacts and name in the Travel Business, excels in providing the best Hajj Packages from UK for Muslim men and women. Our helpful agents would help you with all sorts of guidance and information you require to book your dream package for Hajj. Our Agents keep in mind if you’re financially comfortable, your well-being during the stay, the climate during the months, and the factors influencing the crowds. Tripstudio is one of the most famous and celebrated travel agencies when it comes to booking Luxury and Cheap Hajj Packages from UK. We love to serve our Muslim brothers and sisters in London to help them design the Hajj Package they want. Being a licensed Travel Agency for all kinds of Hajj Packages, the Muslim community in UK depends on Tripstudio with all their trust. The experts in the fields of Hajj and Umrah Tours, have labelled Tripstudio as one of the finest brands working in UK to provide Hajj Packages and Umrah Packages. One of the main reasons for this is that at Tripstudio unlike many other travel agencies we work to cater the needs of all travelers considering their financial status while creating a Hajj Package for them.

Crafted Hajj Packages by Tripstudio

We in Tripstudio make customized or Tailor Made packages for pilgrims from UK. Rather than copying our packages from other Travel websites offering Hajj Packages from UK in 2019, we at Tripstudio create packages which include services that have been tested and experienced by our agents. We can provide the Hajj Package for you the way you will like it. Just let us know your requirements and our agents would craft your needs in that package. We have packages developed for Hajj from 2 people to even 50 people or more. Contact our agents today and get a free quote today for your travel needs! Contacting our agents early would remove all the hassles and delays that you may incur by contacting them late. Contacting us early can also help you get discounts for a Hajj Package from UK.
Special Services for Elderly People and Children
We at Tripstudio do understand that you may have children and elderly people that you want to take care of. Therefore, we provide all kinds of services and products that you may need to take care of people dependent on you during your Hajj Package. Do let us know your requirements while booking! Whether you want a wheelchair for your elderly people or a cot for your children, we will provide you the same. If there is anything special you want, that can be provided as well.

Hajj for people in UK

Hajj is an yearly Islamic journey, which should be performed at least once in a lifetime by a Muslim person. Every Muslim who is capable to go on Hajj physically and financially, should book a Hajj Package and go to this pilgrimage. As it is an essential religious responsibility for every adult Muslim, we at Tripstudio work so you can fulfill this responsibility comfortably. Hajj falls under the five known pillars of Islam Shahadah(الشهادة), Salah(صلاه), Zakat(زكاة) , and Sawm(صَوْم) . The word Hajj, literally means “To make a journey”. The word denotes the act of the journey (As in the pilgrims making the journey) and their inner intentions (The pilgrims are on a journey to the path of Truth). Hajj pilgrimage is known as one of the largest gatherings in the entire world. Which means, nowhere else in this world does a crowd of people bigger than this gather for one specific motive or event. Hajj is always conducted in the month of Dhu-Al-Hijjah (Which is the last month of Islam calendar) between 8th to 12th and sometimes even 13th. A pilgrimage to Hajj is connected with the life of Prophet Mohammad who was from the 7th century. But, the rituals during Hajj are thousands of years old, from the period of Abraham. During Hajj, pilgrims gather around Makkah along with numerous people. They perform a sequential of rituals such as circling seven times around Kaba’ah, walking and running between the hills of Al-Marwah and Al-Safa, drinking from the holy Zamzam well, ascending the great Mount Arafat, spending a night in vigil, stoning the evil devil, shaving the head for men and cutting the hair by a fingertip for women and also animal sacrifice. Book Cheap Hajj Packages for 2019 with us today and complete your much awaited pilgrimage!

Different kinds of Hajj

There are 3 different ways to perform Hajj. I will explain the three different ways below: Hajj al-Tamattu, this is also termed as the Interrupted Hajj. Tamattu means, ‘performing Umrah during the season of Hajj’. On Tarwiyah, the pilgrim attending the Hajj gets into Ihram and bears the intention for Umrah and is supposed to say, "Labbayk-Allahumma labbayka bi'Umrah!" or "Labbayka 'Umratan!" "O Allah! I answer Your call to perform `Umrah." Hajj al-Qiran, this is also termed as the combined Hajj. This means, ‘entering into Ihraam for Hajj, as well as Umrah together. You aren’t supposed to take it off until the day of sacrifice at Mina’. You are supposed to say, "Labbayk-Allahumma labbayka bi-Hajjin wa-'Umrah!" or "Labbayka Hajjan wa 'Umratan!" "O Allah! I answer Your call to perform Hajj and 'Umrah!" Hajj al-Ifrad, this is also termed as the single Hajj. This means, ‘Entering into the ihram for just Hajj and taking an off when it is the day of sacrifice: " Labbayk-Allahumma labbayka bi-Hajj!" or " Labbayka Hajjan", "O Allah! I answer Your call to perform Hajj."
Talking about the history of Hajj
Going to Hajj with our Hajj Packages for 2019, you will see that Prophet Mohammad established the concept of Hajj, but the elements or the rituals that exist can be traced back to the times of Abraham. It is of the time when God (Allah) ordered Hazrat Ibrahim (Abraham) to leave his wife (Hajra) and son (Ishmael) in the desert alone. Quenched by thirst, Hajra ran to and fro between the hills Marwah and Safa in search of water. But, when she couldn’t find water anywhere, she returned to Ishmael. Upon returning to Ishmael, she found the baby scratching the ground. And as he scratched, water came gushing out underneath his foot. Later, seeking help from his son Ishmael, Hazrat Ibrahim built the great Kaaba’ah. You will know more in great details about Kaaba’ah and the history of Hajj by our guides during your Hajj Package! Kaab’ah during the era of ‘Jahiliyyah’ got surrounded by pagan idols. Jahiliyyah according to Islam, is the concept of the state of ignorance of God (Allah) or the Supreme Being. Prophet Mohammad led a few followers and cleared Kaaba’h of all the pagan idols. Upon his last pilgrimage, Prophet Mohammad preached all his followers about the significance of Kaab’ah and the ordinance of Hajj. Since then, a pilgrimage to Hajj was established as a part of the five pillars of Islam. You can book Hajj packages from Tripstudio based on your budget, to do that, contact our experts on Hajj Packages.
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